Christmas is a time to spend with your loved one, fluffy or not, so you don’t want to be spending your valuable free time or extra pennies at the vets. There are many things to avoid preventing an unwanted and possibly expensive trip.   Food Grapes and raisins: Grape and raisins rich […]

    What’s in the Gilmoor Vets Winter newsletter? Worming worries – is your pet affected? Fattening up for the winter? How healthy are your dog’s eyes? Winter wonderland? Bunny upsets!   Download our Winter 2017 newsletter here Gilmoor Vets Winter 2017    

    This week is puppy awareness week from the 4th – 11th of September and we will be giving you our top tips. 1. Choosing your puppy. Do your research. Research prevents dogs from ending up in rescue centres. Are you compatible? Does your lifestyle have the flexibility for a puppy? These are things […]

      What’s in the Gilmoor Vets Autumn newsletter? Arthritis alert – is your pet affected? We’re sure about insurance, are you? Feeling ticked off? A word in your ear! Autumn Awareness!   Download our Autumn 2017 newsletter here Gilmoor Vets Autumn 2017  

  We now offer RVHD2 vaccinations!   We offer yearly Myxomatosis and RVHD1 vaccinations. Since there are now two strains of the RVHD virus there are also two vaccines available. The myxo-RVHD1 combination and the RVHD2 vaccine require annual boosting. For rabbits receiving both vaccines there must be a two week interval between the two vaccinations.   Many of […]

    Good News Everyone!   We have now expanded our nursing clinics to our Spennymoor branch on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. These include: Weight clinics Dental clinics Nail trims Anal gland expression Dressing Changes Adolescent Health Checks (from 6 months) Demonstrating of Administering Medication 2nd Vaccinations Flea, Wormer Treatment and Advice Senior Clinics   […]

Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) 17th – 25th June Rabbit awareness week is about how we can support the welfare of rabbits, this plays a huge part in helping to raise awareness about their correct dietary needs and the five freedoms that rabbits need to live happy and healthy lives.   Five Welfare Needs The 5 […]

    What’s in the Gilmoor Vets Summer newsletter? Summer itches – could it be parasites? Brushing up on dental care! Things are hotting up! Stick to balls!   Download our Summer 2017 newsletter here Gilmoor Vets Summer 2017

    It’s Pet Allergy Week (PAW) from the 5th – 11th June, raising awareness for dogs and cats with allergies.   DOES YOUR PET HAVE ALLERGIES? Ear and skin problems? Hair loss? Low energy levels? Digestive problems? Gastrointestinal problems (such as diarrhoea & vomiting)   There is a wide range of issues which can […]

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