Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) 2nd – 10th  June Rabbit awareness week is about how we can support the welfare of rabbits, this plays a huge part in helping to raise awareness about their correct dietary needs and the five freedoms that rabbits need to live happy and healthy lives.     Five Welfare Needs The […]

Do you know what a veterinary nurse does? May is veterinary nurse awareness month, a month when we celebrate the hard work our nurses do behind the scenes and to spread the word about the importance of the veterinary nurse role within the veterinary practice and the provision of responsible pet care to the general public. Here […]

      EASTER OPENING TIMES Good Friday 9.00am – 12 noon   Saturday 31st March 9.00am – 4pm Sunday 1st April 9.00am – 12 noon   Easter Monday 9.00am – 12 noon BY APPOINTMENT  FOR EMERGENCIES PLEASE TELEPHONE 1091 386447

    What’s in the Gilmoor Vets Spring newsletter?   Keeping your pet healthy in 2018! Tick borne disease alert! Don’t get hacked off with kennel cough! Gorgeous guinea pigs! Thyroid problems – is your pet affected? Don’t ignore lumps and bumps!   Download our Spring newsletter here Gilmoor Vets Spring 2018  

  Alabama Rot is on the rise once again in the UK! CRGV, commonly known as Alabama Rot, is a canine disease that causes problems with skin, blood vessels and the kidneys.   Signs to look out for: Swelling Skin sores Patches of red skin Lesions Hair loss Reduced appetite and vomiting These lesions are […]

  **Please be aware graphic image content**   This is Izzy’s story She is an 8-year-old miniature pinscher who gave her owners quite the scare.   Izzy’s owners had let her outside for her usual nightly wee. However, when she returned, they noticed she was bleeding heavily from her face and brought her straight in […]

      Christmas is a time to spend with your loved one, fluffy or not, so you don’t want to be spending your valuable free time or extra pennies at the vets. There are many things to avoid preventing an unwanted and possibly expensive trip.   Food Grapes and raisins: Grape and raisins rich […]

    What’s in the Gilmoor Vets Winter newsletter? Worming worries – is your pet affected? Fattening up for the winter? How healthy are your dog’s eyes? Winter wonderland? Bunny upsets!   Download our Winter 2017 newsletter here Gilmoor Vets Winter 2017    

    This week is puppy awareness week from the 4th – 11th of September and we will be giving you our top tips. 1. Choosing your puppy. Do your research. Research prevents dogs from ending up in rescue centres. Are you compatible? Does your lifestyle have the flexibility for a puppy? These are things […]

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