NEW Rabbit Vaccine – RVHD2


We now offer RVHD2 vaccinations!


We offer yearly Myxomatosis and RVHD1 vaccinations.

Since there are now two strains of the RVHD virus there are also two vaccines available.

The myxo-RVHD1 combination and the RVHD2 vaccine require annual boosting. For rabbits receiving both vaccines there must be a two week interval between the two vaccinations.


Many of our clients enjoy picking dandelions and foraging for their bunnies. While we encourage forage consumption – care must be taken to avoid collecting vegetation from areas that may carry a high risk  of myxomatosis/RVHD. All vegetation that you collect for your pet rabbit should be washed thoroughly before feeding.

To find more information about  Myxomatosis, RVHD1 and RVHD2 please check out the link below!


Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (RVHD)