Izzy’s Story


**Please be aware graphic image content**


This is Izzy’s story

She is an 8-year-old miniature pinscher who gave her owners quite the scare.


Izzy’s owners had let her outside for her usual nightly wee. However, when she returned, they noticed she was bleeding heavily from her face and brought her straight in to see us.


Once she arrived, she was immediately triaged by a veterinary nurse. Her injuries were so severe that they even shocked both the vet nurse and vet alike.


Izzy’s owners believe that she had been sniffing around in the garden, caught her nose under their gate and had then been attacked by another dog.


The true extent of the damage to Izzy’s face wasn’t completely obvious until she was anaesthetised. She had completely de-gloved (removed the soft tissue from the bone) from her nose to her cheekbones, possibly severing all the nerves in the area. Several of her teeth were also damaged from the attack.

Due to how much blood she had lost during her ordeal, she was placed onto intravenous fluids to help rehydrate her.


To reconstruct her face, one of our veterinary surgeons realigned her nose to its normal position as best he could, suturing the skin in place with both sutures inside and outside her mouth to secure it. He also removed the loose, damaged teeth.


Due to the severe damage to her face and mouth, which would be extremely painful post surgery, Izzy had a feeding tube placed in her oesphagus. However, after she had regained consciousness, Izzy decided to eat her feeding tube. Not the tastiest of snacks.


The severity of her injuries and her condition meant it wasn’t feasible to move Izzy to the out of hours hospital. Instead, she was kept in overnight for observations and pain relief. As we are not normally an out of hours practice, Izzy’s surgeon stayed at the practice overnight to ensure she had a trouble free night.


After her surgery, Izzy spent 2 days with us. Post op hospitalization is common for patients who have had major surgery like Izzy as we prefer them to be able to do their normal day to day activities with as little trouble as possible.


The biggest concern with Izzy was if she was able to eat and drink as she had already removed one feeding tube. Thankfully, Izzy was more than happy to eat for soft, slightly watered down food but only if you stood and hand fed her it.


The suspected damage to the nerves in her nose meant that Izzy didn’t know where her nose began so often ended up pressing her nose into her food as she ate, filling her nose with the mushy food. Lovely.

A nurse would clean around her nose and mouth with warm water and cotton wool after every feed to stop her from blocking her nose with the food and also preventing any debris from getting into the wound.


After 2 long days, Izzy finally went home to her very grateful owners.

1 month later, Izzy is thriving at home and back to her normal self.