COVID-19 Client Information

In order to support the most vulnerable in our community Gilmoor Vets will be changing the way they provide veterinary care over the following weeks


We will be continuing to operate a daytime emergency service from all the Gilmoor vets sites and we hope this will continue throughout the crisis so as to provide emergency care to your pets.

Our out of hours providers will also continue to offer their services.

Sick pets will always be seen. If your pet is ill and you are isolating due to COVID-19 you will need to be seen at our Durham surgery and special arrangements will need to be made so as not to put others at risk of exposure.

We may not be able to provide appointments with your usual vet at your usual location, we would ask all clients to consider very carefully before booking at a different clinic to see their preferred vet as this potentially increases mixing of clients from different areas.


Routine surgery

Routine neutering needs to be delayed unless there is a major risk of pregnancy or other complications. Please discuss this with the vet if it applies.

Dentistry where extractions are required will still go ahead as this is causing undue pain to the patient, however we will be delaying all other dental care work.



Vaccinations can be given up to 15 months after the last vaccine. Where these intervals are in danger of being breached we will look at your pets individual risk factors before deciding whether a vaccination appointment is necessary.

Rabbit vaccinations can be considered on an at risk basis and we will be putting together a guide on ways to reduce your rabbits risk should you chose to delay their vaccines.

1st and second vaccinations as well as the primary booster at 1 year of age will still be done as these are vital to producing and maintaining immunity as well as socialisation of puppies. Kittens who are going to be kept indoors only can be delayed.

Rabies vaccinations where a passport will otherwise cease to be valid will be done. This means it will be coming up to 3 years since your dog has had a rabies vaccination.

Working dogs that are actively working should be kept covered for Leptosiposis as otherwise end up a significant public health risk due to possible infection of owners.


Routine pet health care

Nail clips are not essential unless the nails are curled and starting to run the risk of digging into the pad or are affecting the animal walking you can discuss this further with a nurse.

Routine health checks will be delayed, repeat prescription checks will be considered on a case by case basis We will aim to use telephone and video consultations where possible. We may extend your repeat prescription period. We will not provide medication in larger amounts that you have been receiving previously, we have seen that stockpiling can often leave those most vulnerable or in need without and we do not want to see the same situation in our pets.

We will aim to continue to provide medications for collection but please respect social distancing if entering the premises, wherever possible we will also provide items either by post or through a delivery service.


Thank you for your cooperation the Gilmoor Vets Team