Penny’s day at the Vets

Hi guys, my name is Penny, I’m an 8 year old Golden Retriever belonging to one of our vets, Adele. Some of you might have met me helping on reception at our Sunderland branch!

I’ve had a little growth on my eyelid for some time now and i’m in today to have it removed. Mum says these are very common in older dogs and are usually benign but can get big and rub on the eye causing damage.

This is the little lump. It’s starting to make my eye sore now.


2 of our nurses, Sarah and Deborah taking a blood sample to check my liver and kidneys are working normally before I have an anaesthetic. Due to the current pandemic, all the staff at the practice are wearing protective equipment (PPE) to reduce the chances of the staff spreading the virus between them, so we can keep the practice running for all the other pets. This is making the normal working day much more tricky!


My bloods are all fine, so I was given a sedative and painkiller combination to make me sleepy before my anaesthetic. This is called a pre-medication.


Sarah put an intravenous catheter in my leg so Mam could give me my anaesthetic.


I’ve had my anaesthetic and Sarah is placing a breathing tube called an endotracheal tube so I can be given oxygen and anaesthetic gas during my procedure.


Deborah is preparing my eye for surgery to ensure it is sterile.


Mum is making the first incision while Sarah monitors my anaesthetic, checking my heart rate and breathing rate.


All finished and in recovery. My stitches are dissolvable and so fine you can barely see them.


Snug as a bug as I start to wake up.


Up and about and wearing my Elizabethan collar to make sure I don’t rub my wound.