Covid-19 Update

We want to continue to offer our best service to you and your pets. In order to achieve this we are asking our clients to do the following


Be Courteous

If you have symptoms of cough or cold please maintain social distance and wear a mask. If you have tested positive for COVID please let us know so we can provide your pet’s care in a low contact manner to help maintain our team’s health and wellbeing.

Our team will continue to wear appropriate protective equipment as a courtesy to you and we expect the same in return.

Be Kind

We appreciate that all COVID restrictions have been replaced by guidance.

Our team has decided on the policy within our building that best protects our employees, their vulnerable friends and family, and ensures we can continue to care for your pets. When we ask you to wear a face-covering or maintain distance please remember to be kind. We are doing so for many reasons.

Our team will always speak to you with kindness and respect and we expect the same in return.

Be Patient

We want a normal life, but we also know how important it is that our whole team is available to care for you and you pet. We are therefore maintaining some protective measures for a little while longer, please be patient with us whilst we gradually return to a more normal life.


A mask and distance, simple things which make the difference