What’s in the Gilmoor Winter Newsletter?   Arthritis alert! Winter fleas – are your pets protected? Winter weight worries! Brrrr –  it’s Winter! Rabbit teeth – a growing issue!   Download our Winter newsletter here Gilmoor Vets Winter Newsletter 2021

What’s in the Gilmoor Autumn Newsletter?   Autumn tick troubles! Dental disease – is your pet affected Autumn alert! Worming worries! Pet insurance – is your pet covered?   Download our Autumn newsletter here Gilmoor Vets Autumn Newsletter 2021

What’s in the Gilmoor Summer Newsletter?   Should I have my pet neutered? Don’t get caught out by kennel cough! A word in your ear! Summertime at last! Rabbits: don’t get caught on the hop!   Download our Summer newsletter here Gilmoor Vets Summer Newsletter 2021

Help to get your new puppy off to the best start. The Gilmoor Vets team has created this socialisation and training guide to help you introduce your new puppy to the world. Packed full of helpful tips and advice on the common challenges new puppies and their owners can face. Welcome to the world! Puppy […]

What’s in the Gilmoor Spring Newsletter?   Looking after your new pet. Covid-19 and early socialisation. Ticker trouble! Lungworm Awareness. Chips with everything!   Download our Spring newsletter here Gilmoor Vets Spring Newsletter 2021

Hi guys, my name is Penny, I’m an 8 year old Golden Retriever belonging to one of our vets, Adele. Some of you might have met me helping on reception at our Sunderland branch! I’ve had a little growth on my eyelid for some time now and i’m in today to have it removed. Mum […]

Summer time is a wonderful time; beautiful weather, longer days, time off with the family but it can be potentially deadly for our pets. Here are some of the top hazards, what to look out for and how to help your pet in its hour of need.   Bee & Wasp Stings – Most stings, like […]

  Alabama Rot is on the rise once again in the UK! CRGV, commonly known as Alabama Rot, is a canine disease that causes problems with skin, blood vessels and the kidneys.   Signs to look out for: Swelling Skin sores Patches of red skin Lesions Hair loss Reduced appetite and vomiting These lesions are […]

What is diabetes? Diabetes is a serious, life-long health condition that is caused by a lack of the hormone insulin or an inadequate response to insulin. Insulin is secreted by the pancreas and when a pet does not produce insulin or cannot utilise it normally, blood sugar levels elevate resulting in hyperglycaemia. If left untreated, […]

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