We know that sometimes choosing the best health care for your pet can be difficult. The risks to your pet’s health from diseases and parasites can change, and it can be hard for  you to keep track. We have always made it our job to know about the changing risks to your pet on both a national and a local level. Because of this we are able to offer you the best advice on preventative healthcare.

Providing this gold standard preventative care in an affordable way has always been a challenge so we are proud to introduce our popular preventative care health plan package.


The ABC Plan.

The Annual Budgeted Care plan takes the worry out of choosing the best preventative healthcare. It allows care costs to be spread over 12  monthly payments, and loyalty discounts mean that gold standard care comes without the high price tag. It really is as easy as ABC!

Our ABC plan is not pet insurance, it’s designed to work along side pet insurance by providing the routine care that an insurer doesn’t cover.  Your annual vaccinations and 12 months of cover with our recommended parasite treatments are included. 

We hope the ABC plan offers you a simple choice for the best routine preventative healthcare for your pets. If you have any questions please ask, we want to make sure the ABC plan works well for your personal budget and your pet care requirements.

Download our Pet Health Plan Leaflet or call the practice for more information.